Comprehensive System Auditing

IT and Marketing have access to system-wide logs, contact logs are provided to end-users in Outlook

All changes to the IntelliPad database are logged with date, time, user, source, column name, and before and after images of the content. When actions taken by the application affect other systems, these actions are logged with messages that are fully explanatory. For example, the update of contact information in Outlook, in addition to showing date, time, submitter, and the outcome, would include something like the following: “CompanyName value changed from ‘Robinson and Associates LLP’ to ‘Robinson, Keen and Associates LLP'”.

One of our first clients was kept busy answering questions from attorneys about who changed something like a contact’s phone number. So, a very early enhancement was to provide full visibility of changes made to a contact’s information while the user has that contact open in Outlook. Although a screen image is not shown below, this change audit is displayed to the end-user on the additional Marketing tab for the Outlook contact, along with several types of useful information, such as who else in the firm knows this contact.

IT Department View