Email Tracking

Track email campaign results for Constant Contact from within IntelliPad

IntelliPad includes a program that keeps track of Constant Contact campaign results. For each campaign, there is a window available in the Mail Manager – showing all aspects of status, including the statistics of emails Sent, Bounces, Opt Outs, Opens, and Forwards.

This status window provides one-click opening of the list of contacts in the Sent, Bounces, Opt Outs, Opens, and Forwards categories. Contact detail windows (which are not shown) are available for an authorized user to edit the person record or the person-event link record to manage opt out requests.

IntelliPad writes these campaign details to local tables, meaning they can be kept as long as desired. These tables are available in IntelliView definitions, so that the firm can create analytical reports about their Constant Contact email campaigns, for example: In the most recent campaign, how many opt outs were there, what were the contact names, what reason did they give, and who is the Primary for each these contacts?

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