Included Data Conversion Features

Data quality management rules are used for all incoming contact information

Data quality management in IntelliPad is uniformly applied, regardless of the contact information source. Address information coming from spreadsheets and other sources often does not neatly line up with Outlook choices for Company, Home, and Other. IntelliPad data conversion programs can simplify this part of the import by determining if there is no business name to treat it as a Home address. Each of these importing methods is carefully documented on a field by field basis, as shown below.

IntelliPad imports can start with CSV formatted contact information. An editor is provided to manipulate the content of any records that are excluded because of data discrepancies. In addition to importing contact information, a ‘UserImport’ table can be read by IntelliPad on a scheduled basis to allow for new attorneys to be automatically added to IntelliPad. The UserImport table is normally populated by third-party integration appliance software.

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