Simplified Compliance for the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

For Canadian Law Firms, it is important to carefully manage email consent as it relates to the expiration of Implied Consent. With emails designed by the firm and automatically sent within an optional number days before the Implied Consent expiration, contacts should be given an opportunity to continue receiving alerts and publications. Lawyers should have visibility of recent and upcoming consent expirations related to their contacts. IntelliPad has been enhanced to accommodate each of these requirements.

With IntelliPad, the Email Consent status can be set to Unknown, Implied, Express, or Withdrawn. For the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, Implied Consent expires two years after the last invoice for any of the client relationships for a contact. And, if a stricter email policy is desired, the email consent status of “Implied” can be removed.

IntelliPad also offers options to control which mailing methods are allowed based on the Email Consent status or to further comply with contact requests. For example, some contacts may only want to receive letters, others may only want to receive emails. Email Consent information is visible and editable in Outlook as well as the web interface and changes are fully audited. On the extra Outlook IntelliPad tab for a contact, Accounting Client Relationships can be added and displayed as shown below.

The most recent of the Last Invoice Dates for each contact based on their primary company/organization as well as any number of personal client relationships is used to determine the Implied Consent Expiration (24 months later). Former employers do not affect the Implied Consent expiration date.

With an optional number of days before the expiration, emails (designed by the firm) are sent to contacts providing them a clickable link to continue receiving emails for alerts/publications and update any of their contact information.

This update from the contact and the automated import to the CRM database is accomplished with IntelliPad integrated landing pages which are displayed on the firm’s website.

It is extremely important to provide access to landing pages with a very high level of security. Although the contact interacts with the firm website and normal firm page headings and footings, the live information is accessed via a Versys web service with HTTPS security and highly encrypted content. The encryption is applied to the identity of your firm, the identity of any existing contact, and the identity of any Topic or Mailing List.

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