Landing Pages are easily added to your firm鈥檚 website

For Existing contacts (from emails with clickable links)

  • Update their contact information
  • See and modify their subscription/alert preferences
  • Respond to RSVP requests

  • For New contacts
    (website visitors)

  • Add their contact information and subscription/alert preferences
  • Sign up for any event which does not need an invitation
  • Eventbrite Ticketing and Attendance Tracking
    Tickets can be paid for or free and can be printed or shown on mobile devices to be scanned at an event. A quick upload after the event updates the CRM.

    Excellent Security
    When contact information is accessed over the internet, it is extremely important to do so with a very high level of security.聽 We provide security over HTTPS with an intermediate Versys website, an IntelliPad API (automated programming interface), and the use of both factored and double-encrypted values. This encryption method is used for the identities of: your firm, existing contacts, events, and mailing lists. All of this goes on in the background, your contacts only see their information on your firm’s website pages.

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