Mail Manager – Summary

See a complete history of activities for an event or mailing list

The Mail Manager provides complete control over each Event or Mailing List: linking more contacts, opening the contact view for entry of override address or salutation, creating the mail tasks, recording user-defined Response Codes and optional Response Texts (or seeing what was automatically updated from a landing page), and viewing the history of mail tasks. Types of mail tasks include: export of contact information for printing of mailing labels, creation of email messages with all formatting, graphics, clickable hotspots, etc.,

and upload of contact information to third party webmail service provider websites such as Constant Contact® or ActOn® if applicable. Feedback information from these websites is periodically downloaded into IntelliPad tables.

The area at bottom of the page shows the completed mail tasks by type, with one click access to details about each task, and the ability to copy tasks from any other Event or Mailing List.

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