Settings for Unique Requirements

Easily modify what attorneys see in Outlook, along with many other options

As shown below, options for what attorneys see in Outlook can easily be added or removed.

Attorneys can optionally be designated as a “primary user” for each contact. 聽If that feature is used, a subset of options become available that relate to how modifications are approved by the primary user if anyone else makes a change to one of their contacts.

Money and date information can be presented in U.S. or in European formats. Text content can be represented in all major language scripts in the world since the IntelliPad database and application fully supports UniCode.

If the automated recurring business development contact follow-up feature is used, the emails to each attorney can be produced on desired frequencies with selectable forecast periods for upcoming activities per attorney. These emails also show business development activities that were planned and are not yet accomplished.

If a customized integration with other internal systems is desired, as a separate page in Outlook, IntelliPad supports pointing to an internal website and passing along a parameter for the identity of the IntelliPad contact in the SQL Server database.

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